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Kojak lollipop
Based on original recipe

The vanilla-flavored, gluten-free, unfilled candy in delicious chocolate coating used to be an American story, yet it has become a national cult goody.

Lollipops made from extracts of traditional Hungarian herbs do not contain aroma or preservative. Gluten free products.

Kojak HERBA Bodza lollipop: unsweetened hard candy containing elderflower extract.
Kojak HERBA Rosehip lollipop: unsweetened hard candy containing rosehip extract.
Kojak HERBA Fodormenta-Lemongrass lollipop: Unfilled hard candy containing extract of lemongrass leaf and lemongrass leaf.
Kojak HERBA Ginger-Chamomile lollipop: unsweetened hard candy containing ginger and chamomile flowers.
Kojak HERBA Lime-purple bittersweet lollipop: unsweetened hard candy containing linden flowers and bittersweet root extracts.
Kojak HERBA Lavender Lollipop: Unsweetened hard candy containing lavender flower extract.
Kojak HERBA Medical Spray Lollipop: unbleached hard candy containing medicinal spray, narrow-leaved grass, chamomile and linden blossom.


Logistics datas:


  • Weight: 12g
  • 100 piece / proffer
  • 6 proffer/ cardboard
  • 7 cardboard / line
  • 35 cardboard / pallet


  • 1 PIECE - 5993 9665
  • 100 PIECE PROFFER - 5 998 492 700 117
  • CARDBOARD - 5 998 492 710 117